I sometimes write about music. Below are links to some of the things I have written.

The Times Online

I used to contribute to a feature called ‘Track of the Day’ for The Times Online. Sadly, this feature is no more and The Times Online has vanished behind the cloak of a pay-wall. However, as the reviews I wrote were published some time ago, I reckon it’ll be fine to let you see a couple of screen-shots. Please note that all images, content and anything else important is copyright of The Times and News International.

November 14 2008 – Track of the Day Review: Tom Allalone & The 78s – ‘Hell Hath No Fury’

December 19 2008 – Track of the Day Review: Steven Seagal – ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’

December 11 2008 – Track of the Day Review: Dead Pixels – ‘Words Are Poison’

November 20 2008 – Track of the Day Review: The Mummers – ‘March Of The Dawn’

November 07 2008 – Track of the Day Review: Kid Sister – ‘Get Fresh’

Record Collector

I’ve also contributed to Record Collector magazine. Here’s a review of a fantastic Bruce Springsteen book from Issue 371:

January 2010 – Book Review: Lawrence Kirsch: ‘The Light in Darkness’

Room Thirteen

Here is a link to my R13 profile which contains my review hub: albums, singles and gigs. However, I’ve also included some choice cuts.

November 03 2008 – Album Review: James Yuill – ‘Turning Down Water For Air’

April 30 2009 – Album Review: Tom Allalone & The 78s – ‘Major Sins Pt. 1’

October 24 2008 – Album Review: T Bone Burnett – ‘Tooth Of Crime’

May 30 2008 – Album Review: Hear, O Israel – ‘A Prayer Ceremony In Jazz’

December 10 2007 – Single Review:  Friendly Fires – ‘Paris’

August 06 2007 – Single Review: Luke Toms – ‘Another Day’

April 17 2007 – Single Review: Wombats – ‘Backfire At The Disco’

September 11 2006 – Single Review: Keane – ‘Crystal Ball’

Muso’s Guide

I also write things for Muso’s Guide. I can’t be bothered to put any links to anything because the site has changed and I don’t understand how it works. It doesn’t even have a search functionality which is absolutely insane.

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