The internet is a big place. Some things on it are great, and some things on it are, well, not so great. Here are some things that I think are great.

This is the new daddy: a fantastically insightful and brilliantly written website called The Quietus that tackles all forms of popular culture.

Do you like weird and obscure grindhouse and exploitation movies? Well then, VideoTapeSwapShop is the website for you!

I used to hate film critic Mark Kermode, primarily because he thinks that ‘The Exorcist’ is the best film ever made. It isn’t. Still, he’s mellowed in recent years (he likes ‘High School Musical 2’ for goodness sake), so here’s a link to his blog.

A.O. Scott at the New York Times is the best film reviewer currently employed anywhere in the world. Check out the movie pages.

This is a link to BBC Radio 4. This is the best radio station in the world. That’s it. There’s nothing else to say.

The Guardian is an essential stop for all things cultural.

I’ve liked Stewart Lee ever since the days of ‘On The Hour’ and ‘Fist Of Fun’. A lot of people like him now though and think that they’re really cool because of it. Pesky bandwagon-jumpers.

Stewart Lee’s old partner in crime is Richard Herring. Sure, he’s not as edgy and a little crude, but he’s still damn funny.

I loved ‘The Office’. I kinda liked ‘Extras’. However, anything Ricky Gervais has done solo has been rubbish. Therefore, it’s clear that the man with the real comedy brain is Stephen Merchant. Check out his website. Shame about those Barclays Bank adverts though.

I prefer ‘Seinfeld’ to ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and I’m proud of it. Here’s a link to main man’s website.

I love old and obscure movie posters. The best collection of these that I’ve found can be seen here.

Are you new to burglary? Do you need some lock-picks? Go here!

Yo-yos are great. I love them. You can get some awesome ones and all your spares from this fantastic London-based shop.

David Icke. He’s just a funny guy. Crazy maybe, but funny. Don’t get him started on lizards though.